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Himalaya Music Fountain Company

Himalaya Music Fountain has been engaged in fountain industry for over 15 years, is one of the largest professional musical fountain manufacturer in China,integrating R&D and innovation of musical fountain equipment, customized equipment production, fountain control system development, and musical fountain project design and construction. we have a professional fountain technical team,Our team has made fountains in more than 30 countries such as Dubai, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Iran, Morocco, and India, etc., highly praised by our customers.

We are one of the only two companies which owing the DMX unified virtualization system in the world(the other one is OASE in Germany),which have the advantages of accurate control,rich forms of expression and simple operation.Through over 15 years of continuous accumulation and development, in the field of fountains,whether it is square fountains, lake fountains, light fountains, floating fountains, pool fountains, landmark fountains, amusement park fountains and other characteristic fountains, all has rich experience in fountain projects. What we want to do is not only a beautiful musical fountain, but also a contemporary art that combines water with music, dance and technology. 

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Himalaya Music Fountain,successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification,offering various fountain products including nozzles, low-voltage underwater RGB LED lamps, music fountains, programmable fountains and fountain control products, etc, contract to build large-scale music fountains, water screen projection and laser shows, and provide one-stop solutions for musical fountain. The main products all passed the national authoritative department inspection, and most of them won national patents. Since its establishment, Himalaya Music Fountain company has built hundreds of fountain projects in domestic and overseas markets, greatly appreciated in South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia area covering over 30 countries.