Himalaya Music Fountain


What is the objective (purpose) of musical fountain?

  • Musical fountains can beautify the environment and bring joy to people.
  • When the musical fountain initiated, a large number of water mist sprinkled around, which can improve the air humidity and adjust the temperature.
  • The musical fountain can greatly reduce the amount of dust in the air, make the air fresher and cleaner.

What is the history of musical fountain?

In 1930, the concept of fountain was first introduced by Mr. Otto Przystawik, the inventor from German. In the beginning, he just built small fountains in stores and restaurants , after years’ development, the design and structure of music fountains has become larger and more complex. Mr. Gunter Otto has followed his father and started with fountain design and construction since he was 12 years old. In summer of 1952, Harold Steinman who came from USA, was impressed by the beauty and spectacular of the fountain show at an exhibition in Berlin, he brought it back to New York, naming them “Dancing Waters”. His New York company make a tour with this fountain show throughout the United States and all around the world.

What is a dancing water fountain?

A dancing water fountain can rise and fall along with the rhythm of music, users can edit their favorite musical programs in the control system, and the audio system can achieve the synchronize of music, water and lighting.

Principle of musical fountain

What is the principle of musical fountain?

The principle of music fountain is mainly shown in the aspects as follows:

First of all, we can control the water spray of fountain through computer programs and music control programs, making the fountain dance along with the rhythm of music and lighting.

Secondly, through the production of physical waveform of music files, music is divided into many sections, lyrical, passionate, sad and cheerful, and these rhythms are converted into control signal output.

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Then according to the control principle of the water configuration rules, the submersible pump, solenoid valve, underwater lights and frequency converter are integrated into one, and then press the start button, thus the music fountain is formed eventually.

Music, fountain and lighting emerged in an integrated water show, which presents us a feast of visual.

What is the most expensive fountain in the world?

The Dubai Music Fountain is the most expensive fountain in the world. It was designed by WET, the manufacturer of the original Bellagio Fountain in the United States, with a total investment of 218 million US dollars. The total length of the Dubai Music Fountain is 275 meters, and the maximum spray can reach 150 meters, which is equivalent to the height of a 50-story building. The fountain emits 22,000 gallons of water and has 6,600 LED lights and 50 RGB projectors. There are more than 1,000 variations in the fountain show, which is truly kaleidoscopic.

Dubai Fountain

What is the most famous fountain in the world?

There are many spectacular fountains around the world, let’s see what are the most famous fountains! 1. Dubai Musical Fountain The Dubai Fountain was designed by WET, the manufacturer of the original Bellagio Fountain in the United States, with a total investment of 218 million US dollars. The total length of the Dubai Music Fountain is 275 meters, and the maximum spray can reach 150 meters, which is equivalent to the height of a 50-story building.

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2. Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Barcelona The Magic Fountain of Barcelona is located in Piazza Espana, Barcelona. It has 3,620 water fountain nozzles, 8 different colors, and 4,760 lights. It is a music fountain famous for its varied colors. Thousands of visitors come to watch the fountain show every night, the water fountain dance with light and music, as if it’s performing like a magician, catching visitors’ eyes with its mystery and beauty.

3. Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas The Bellagio Fountain is located on a man-made lake at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The Bellagio Fountain has more than 1,200 nozzles, enabling them to work with more than 4,500 stage fountain monitors that can spray water up to 24 stories high. Dancing to the music and lights, they captivate the audience with their graceful movements.

4. The King Fahd’s Fountain, Jeddah Also known as the Jeddah Fountain, was built between 1980 and 1983 and is the tallest man-made fountain in the world. Located in the port city of Jeddah on Saudi Arabia’s west coast, the King Fahd Fountain draws water from the Red Sea and shoots water up to 1,024 feet high and speed up to 233 miles per hour. It is detailed in the book Desert Oasis Saudi Arabia. 5. Jet D’eau, Geneva Originally located on the lower reaches of the Rhone River and used to drain water after artisans turned off water taps in their shops, the 140-meter-high fountain was moved to the center of Geneva Harbor. At first, people were worried that such a large fountain would spoil the beauty of the harbor, but surprisingly, this simple but clever design had become a symbol of Geneva in the years to come.

6. Fountain of Wealth, Singapore Located in the financial center, the Fountain of wealth is one of Singapore’s iconic buildings. It is only open at certain times. The fountain is surrounded by 12 zodiac signs on the ground, and walking around it three times is said to will bring wealth. The Fountain of Wealth is made up of four slanted bronze columns topped by a bronze ring with a diameter of 66 meters. The structure is 13.8 meters high vertically. The whole fountain covers an area of 1,683.07 square meters, and the jet of water can reach 30 meters.

7. People’s Friendship Fountain, Moscow The People’s Friendship Fountain (also known as the Fountain of Friendship of Peoples, the Fountain of National Unity), located behind the main exhibition hall of the All-Russia Exhibition Center in central Moscow, was built in June 1959 and is known as the world’s expensive gilded fountain. Fifteen golden statues of beautiful girls in national costumes of the republics, holding flowers and fruits and vegetables, stand on the edge of the fountain pool, representing the friendship of the peoples of the 15 republics of the former Soviet Union. In the middle of the “golden statue” stands a giant golden ear of wheat, symbolizing the harvest, with a cluster of sunflower flowers below.

8. Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, Seoul The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain in Seoul, South Korea, is cleverly designed on either side of the Banpo Bridge across the Han River. The fountain has around 10,000 spouts, shooting out a total of nearly 190 tons of water per minute, and designers have placed LED lights on each spout to add a touch of comfort to the fountain at night. The fountain is open from March to October every year. It is open for 15 minutes at noon and varies in the evening, but on weekends, people can enjoy the beautiful shadow of the fountain from 5 p.m.

9. Trevi Fountain, Rome Trevi Fountain, also known as the girl fountain, is most famous for its “Wishing fountain” or “Wishing fountain”. It is said that if you throw a coin with your back to the fountain, you can make a good wish if you throw it into the water. The fountain is the most famous of Rome’s fountains and is so popular that around 3,000 euros in coins are usually dropped into the fountain every day.

10. Crown Fountain, Chicago The Crown Fountain is located at Millennium Park, Chicago, designed by designed by Catalan artist Jom Planza and opened in July 2004. Crown Fountain is a black granite reflecting pool flanked by glass brick towers that stand 15.2 meters (50 feet) tall and are equipped with light-emitting diodes (leds) to display digital images of the faces inside. Due to weather conditions, the fountain is only supplied between May and October. It flows from the two towers at irregular intervals and through spouts on the facade of the towers.

What time is the Dubai fountain show?

According to the current regulations, the Dubai Music Fountain is open from 18:00 to 23:00 every day, usually every half hour. From Saturday to Thursday, the Dubai Music Fountain will play at 13:00 and 13:30 respectively. There will also be performances at the Dubai Music Fountain on Friday at 13:30 PM and at 14:00 PM.

What time is the Bellagio fountain show?

The Bellagio fountain show opens every 30 minutes from 3pm to 8pm from Monday to Friday, and the show is given every 15 minutes from 8pm to midnight. On Saturdays, Sundays and Local Holidays, it opens every 30 minutes from noon to 8pm and every 15 minutes from 8pm to midnight.

Show of Dubai musical dancing fountain

What songs did Dubai fountain play?

The below is the play list of Dubai Fountain which may change with time and more songs are added in the list or may delete some songs. This list was the basic release of the songs when the fountain started. All Night Long – Lionel Ritchie Baba Yetu – a Swahili song for the computer game “Civilization IV”, composed by Christopher Tin Bassbor Al Fargakom – Hussain Al Jassmi /Jasmi, Al Thokol Samz Con te Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye) – an Andrea Bocelli performance (he does not appear in person though). Dhoom Thana – Shahrukh Khan – Arjun Rampal – a Hindi song from the film “Om Shanti Om” Enta Omri (Inta Omri) – Hossam Ramzy (Abdulhalim Hafez)

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I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston Inshed an Aldar (Ask about Home) – an Emirati song written especially for the inauguration of the Burj Khalifa on 04 January 2010. Ishtar Poetry – Furat Qaddouri Lana Allah – Mohammed Abdu Mon Amour – Concierto De Aranjuez? Mio Babbino Caro (Oh My Dear Papa) – Dame Kiri Te Kanawa Sama Dubai1 – Mehad Hamed – an Emirati song, a tribute by Emaar Properties to Sheikh Mohammed’s leadership Shik Shak Shok1 – Hassan Abou El Seoud – an Arabic dance song The Magnificent Seven theme tune The Prayer – Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli (Robin Donald and Jodie-Joy?) Thriller – by Michael Jackson Waves (Amvaj) – Bijan Mortazavi, Sarah Brightman UAE National Anthem

Bellagio fountain

What is the song list of Bellagio fountain show?

Believe -Cher Bad Romance -Lady Gaga
My Heart Will Go On -Celine Dion
In the Mood -Ralph Charmichael
The Ecstacy of Gold -Ennio Morricone
Up Town Funk -Bruno Mars

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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds -The Beatles
Hey, Big Spender -Gwen Verdon
God Bless the USA -Lee Greenwood
Viva Las Vegas -Elvis Presley
All That Jazz -Catherine Zeta-Jones
Billie Jean -Michael Jackson
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini -Mikhail Rudy
Rondine al Nido -Luciano Pavarotti
Star Spangled Banner -Whitney Houston
Simple Gifts -London Symphony Orchestra
Con Te Partiro -Andrea Bocelli
This Kiss -Faith Hill
Luck be A Lady -Frank Sinatra
Fly Me to the Moon -Frank Sinatra
Singin’ in the Rain -Gene Kelly
Ayeshe’s Dance -London Symphony Orchestra
Your Song -Elton John
One Singular Sensation -A Chorus Line
Footprints -Tiesto
Pink Panther Theme -The Pink Panther
Hoe Down -Aaron Copeland
BTS Compilation (“Butter” & “Dynamite”) -BTS
Winter Games -David Foster