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Crystal Fountain Nozzle

Crystal Fountain Nozzle for Fountain Installations

It’s time to say goodbye to boring water fountains


Crystal Fountain Nozzle is made of high-grade stainless steel, this design can spray water column crystal transparent, bright and smooth lines, the axis of the ray can be adjusted as positive or negative 15 degrees, flexible installation and debugging, the composition of patterns is strong. it is a small to medium injector nozzle generates a lively full water pattern and offers oxygen enrichment. Crystal Fountain Nozzle also can spray a water column with foam inside, because of injector effect, water and air are suctioned in, mixed intensively and accelerated into the air by the injector jet as an impressive soft flowing fountain, looks marvelous in the sunshine. Adjust the height of the coat can change the amount of air inhaled, inhaled air, the more white the color of the water column, the more fine the foam, The foam (spume) effect changes depending on the water level and accentuates every public area. The nozzle has a spherical joint, also around the center axis to 15 degrees rotation, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor in a variety of fountains. Fountain is an indispensable and important landscape in the city. It can effectively combine the natural landscape with the fountain waterscape, so the spraying effect of the fountain is very important. It is usually used in combination with water curtain, water bridge and Flower patterns.

Crystal Bulb Nozzle2


Model No. Pressure(kpa) Water spray(m³/h) Jet height(m) Diameter(m) Material
DN15 60-100 2.0-4.0 0.5-2 0.15-0.3 SUS304
DN20 80-100 4.0-7.0 1-2 0.2-0.4 SUS304
DN25 80-150 6.0-10.0 1.5-4 0.3-0.5 SUS304
DN40 80-200 10.0-15.0 2-5 0.3-0.6 SUS304