Himalaya Music Fountain


Jinzhouwan Resort Musical Fountain Project, China

Fountain Location : China
Fountain Type :Interactive Bicycle Fountains,Laminar Fountain Jet And Fairy Fog

Fountain Features and Description

The Jinzhou Resort Musical Fountain Project Complex was designed and constructed in 2019 by Himalaya Music Fountain Company,This fountain project integrated fog fountain, laminar fountain jet and interactive bicycle fountains together, had became a iconic waterscape of Jinzhouwan Resort.The lighting system employs the most advanced DMX control protocol in the world, enabling individual control of each light and color to achieve effects such as light movement, flickering, and infinite color changes. These lights coordinate with the movement of music and fountain water columns, creating a unified performance integrating sound, electricity, and light.

Jinzhou Resort Post Inn is located where an ancient post station once stood. Since the Ming Dynasty’s Yongle period, it has been listed as one of the six key post stations in the southwestern gateway. The Qianlong Emperor described the nearby Chenlong Pass as the “number one pass under the heavens”. Nestled within this area, the scenery is breathtaking with beautiful mountains and clear waters. The villagers have cultivated the land for generations, preserving their simple and traditional ways. This location represents the first village in Hunan collectively developed as a rural accommodation.

Fountain Installation

Fountain Effect