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High Jet Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle

Experience the thrill of high jet fountain nozzles


High Jet Fountain Nozzles are made of high-grade stainless steel to withstand the high water pressure and constant use. They are connected to a powerful water pump capable of supplying the necessary pressure to create the desired effect. The High jet fountain nozzles is designed to produce a focused and high-reaching water column, often reaching considerable heights.

The height and diameter of the water column produced by the high jet fountain nozzle can vary depending on the specific design and water pressure. Some high jet nozzles can propel water columns to heights of tens of meters, creating an impressive visual display.
The high jet fountain nozzle can be used as a standalone feature or combined with other fountain nozzles to create dynamic water shows. It is commonly seen in public spaces, parks, commercial complexes, and large-scale architectural installations.

One of the key aspects of the high jet fountain nozzle is its ability to create a focal point and draw attention. The towering water column becomes a prominent visual element, capturing the interest and awe of onlookers. It’s important to note that the water consumption and noise level of high jet fountain nozzles can be relatively high due to the force and volume of water required to produce the desired effect. Proper water supply and control systems should be in place to ensure efficient operation and maintenance.

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Model No.Pressure(kpa)Water spray(m³/h)Jet height(m)Nozzle Diameter(mm)Material