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Fountain Control Panels

Fountain Control Panels Developed By Himalaya Music Fountain

To Explore Fountain Control Panels for Every Vision


Himalaya music fountain company and fountain equipment supplier developed their own control system software for interactive fountain, including

1. Easy-to-use Fountain control software, for programming and also for play;

2. Himalaya has developed a whole system control MCUs for, DMX-SWITCH out, DMX-VFD out; DMX Double-insolated Signal Amplier and distributor, Artnet-DMX Server, DMX control system for digital swing Motors,<

3. Voice-VFD Control System for Yell Fountains;

4. Speed-VFD Control System for Bicyle Fountains;

5. Interactive Jumping Jet, Pearl Jets System.

All Our Control system passed EMC test, and each single piece is tested before dispatch and installation.

Music Fountain Control System1