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Jumping Jet


Jumping jet 

Jumping fountain,also known as jumping jet,lighted jet.it is a popular high-tech waterscape fountain equipment in recent years.The water of the jumping fountain is like a crystal clear icicle.Flying in the air in an arc shape, without splashing or scattering.The construction and installation of jumping fountains are generally combined in pairs,it can achieve jump,dislocation jump ect.which is dizzying.it is also named a bullet jet musical fountain, can shoot pieces of water column to appointed spots. It is a jumping fountain based on lighted jets, consequently, its water columns are also as smooth and don’t split in its range.,while it is much more interesting than lighted jets.

If the number of installations is more than two, the functions of chasing and tracking can also be added after programming.The Jumping Fountain from Himalayan Music Fountain Company is available in three sizes:Spray height 1.5M with 2M jump span,Spray height 2M with 3M jump span and Spray height 3M with 5M jump span.

One of the most prominent musical fountains across the world for children to enjoy is the jumping fountain by Himalaya Music Fountain Company. Information about the jumping fountain is given by a Himalaya music fountain company & musical fountain manufacturers.