Himalaya Music Fountain


Jiangxi Upstairs Tourist Resort Interactive Fountain, China

Fountain Location : China
Fountain Type : Interactive Fountain Group

Fountain Features and description

The First Interactive Fountain Group in Jiangxi Opens to Public.

A few days ago, the first interactive fountain group in Jiangxi, constructed by Himalaya Music Fountain Corporation, has started installation. This fountain group is a tourist resort interactive fountain,it consists of 2 sets of voice-control fountains, 4 sets of bicycle fountains and 1 set of 32-meter water archway fountain. The water archway fountain can be manual controlled or automatic controlled. Bicycle fountain and the “Shouting fountain” can compete with each other in groups, the faster they ride or the louder they shout, the higher the fountains will spray. It’s very interesting,Received a warm welcome and praise from the turists.

Fountain Effect

bicycle fountain
Resort interactive fountain
Resort interactive fountain
Jiangxi Upstairs Tourist Resort Interactive Fountain, China4
Resort interactive fountain