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Musical Water Fountain Control System

Fountain control systems and software typically refer to the systems and programs used to operate and manage fountains, particularly those of a large-scale or automated nature, commonly found in public spaces, gardens, or commercial establishments. These systems play a crucial role in enabling the control, customization, and maintenance of captivating fountain displays.

Musical fountain manufacturer control systems encompass a combination of both hardware and software components, which work seamlessly to facilitate the management of various fountain features. These features encompass water flow, synchronized lighting, music coordination, and intricate water patterns. The systems are designed to incorporate an array of sensors, pumps, valves, and other mechanisms, all collaboratively working to regulate water pressure and flow.

The fountain control system designed and manufactured by Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Company has the following types:

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1.Music fountain control system

The music fountain is a high-tech and high-reliability control system mainly composed of configuration software, music signal converter, programmable logic controller (PLC), frequency converter, sound system, lighting system and other industrial control devices.It integrates music control, programmable control, artificial intelligence control technology, and integrates the most popular advanced scientific and technological achievements in the world today. It is an industrial field control system.The upper computer of the music fountain control system is an on-site control system composed of multimedia computers, which can realize the whole process of real-time sound control, and can identify the melody, rhythm, musicality and audio intensity of the music by itself.The system has the function of synchronizing audio and water shape, with convenient operation interface and function of arranging music. The fountain can change according to the ups and downs of the music.Users can write their favorite music programs on the editing interface. The playback system can realize the unified atmosphere of music, water and lighting, and the synchronization of playback.

In addition to water and lighting,the music fountain control system incorporate other visual effects like projection mapping, lasers, or video screens to complement the overall performance. These effects can be coordinated with the music to create a multisensory experience.

2. Programmed fountain control system

The program-controlled fountain is mainly through the PLC to control various water types and lights according to the preset arrangement and combination for control program design.when the fountain plan is determined,according the change of the water pattern in plan and write the program into PLC,and send a control signal through the PLC operation program to make the water type and light change according to the programmed changes.This change can be repeated continuously according to the pre-programmed design. If the control of the program-controlled fountain is equipped with a frequency converter, the function change of the fountain’s slow rise and slow fall can be achieve.

The control system of the programmable fountain uses a timing routine to control the change of water patterns. The pumps can be either controlled by switches or by variable frequency drive. When there are color lights to illuminate the water, that’s the so-called “Colored Programmable Fountain”. A programmable Fountain is a kind of fountain with pre-set programs to control the water spray shape-changing and LED lighting changing, the programs are editable and modifiable, and it can store a variety of programs for choice.

The advantage of a program fountain is that the fountain cost is modest and the programs are various. The program of combinations of water shape and lighting change is pre-programmed through PLC programming when it is running, the program converts to signals to control the fountain pump, digital control valves, fountain lights, and other components, to achieve the colorful LED lighting effect. It is with characteristics of fixed programs and precise control. Throughout the world, The Himalaya music fountain company and fountain equipment supplier are famous for programmable fountain.

3. Chasing jet fountain control system

The chasing jet control system is controlled by a separate chasing jet controller,It controls a plurality of electromagnetic valves under the nozzles arranged in various trajectories, and controls the water spray in time sequence to form a fountain with various forms of water spraying instantaneously.It can form a running form, and can also form various forms such as jumping and fluctuations, and can also form a water spray form with a fixed shape. It is magnificent, majestic, and changeable.The running fountain control system can be used together with the program-controlled and music fountain control system, or it can be used alone.

4. Digital fountain controller

Digital fountain control refers to the use of digital technology and control systems to manage and operate fountain features, including water patterns, lighting effects, and synchronization. It involves the integration of various digital components and programming techniques to create dynamic and customizable fountain displays.

Digital fountain control systems often utilize advanced technologies such as microcontrollers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), or dedicated fountain control software. These systems provide the necessary processing power and flexibility to manage and coordinate multiple fountain features.

Digital fountain control offers enhanced flexibility, creativity, and precision compared to traditional analog control methods. It empowers designers and operators to create intricate, synchronized displays with a wide range of visual effects, making digital control an increasingly popular choice for modern fountain installations.

The control system typically offers pre-programmed shows and effects that can be selected and played back. It also allows for customization, where designers can create their own unique choreographies based on specific music compositions or event themes.

Overall, Fountain control systems include programmable controllers, timers, and sensors that regulate the operation of various fountain features. These systems allow for automated control of water flow, lighting effects, and synchronization with music or other events. What is the advantage of the fountain control system independently developed by the fountain manufacturer(Himalaya Music Fountain)? Our independently developed music fountain system, its music and water synchronous effect, coordination effect, artistic effect are far ahead of the level, It is no less than the works of any internationally famous music fountain company, and the music fountain company does not need to purchase a third-party control system, which can effectively reduce the cost of the fountain. 1. On the software side, highly realistic simulation of the layout of the fountain scene (including nozzles, color lights, water pumps, and pipeline lights) is achieved. This allows for a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) effect when editing and synchronously playing the fountain.

As a result, the composition and production of music for the fountain becomes intuitive and convenient, allowing the music production team to focus entirely on artistic expression, the creation of endless fountain shapes, and the high synchronization of music and water. This simulation feature in fountain layout software has brought significant changes to the production of music fountains.

2. In terms of hardware, the fountain system uses the latest Himalaya chip as the core chip. The control system has improved its quality compared to single-chip micro-controller chips in terms of hardware algorithms.

3. Syncronorm Fountain Software for water show is widely used. Himalaya Music fountain company and fountain equipment supplier has got their ultimate license and all our fountain products support their protocol.

The best part about this software is that they have really powerful instant animation. People can see what the programming will look like and adjust it accordingly. It can also accept/send Artnet, SMPTE, and MIDI synchronizing codes.

Himalaya Music fountain company and fountain equipment supplier offer full sets of control appliances, PCBS, and services to control the fountain, and water show with syncronorm software. Including pumps, solenoid, lamps, moving heads, projectors, lasers and other customized equipment.

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