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3D Digital Swing Fountain Nozzle

3D Digital Fountain Nozzle For Large Water Show

To Display 3D Water Elegance to your Audience


The digital fountain nozzle is fixed on the swing holder composed of the inlet and outlet water pipes, the inlet water pipe and outlet water pipe are driven by different motors, which swing or rotate around each axis, so as to form various water patterns, and the maximum rotation can be up to 360 degrees.

3D digital swing increases a variety of water spray patterns, to form more beautiful water spray shapes in music fountain show, bringing people with beauty and enjoyment. 3D digital fountain nozzle can swing or rotate in two crossed axises at the same time or seperately, which make the digital water spray shapes stand out from the water show.

Digital swing fountain nozzle requires precise production and advanced fountain control technology and is one of the most popular and high-tech fountain nozzles in the world nowadays. Himalaya Music Fountain and water fountain manufacturer has got a variety of patents for digital swing fountain control, we always strive for manufacturing high-quality and high-tech digital fountain nozzles for years, and our digital nozzles used to be applied in Dubai Global Village Water Fountain Show, Mumbai Regency Antila Water Show, etc. which are highly appraised by our clients.

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