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Central Group Nozzle

Central Group Nozzle for Floating Water Fountains

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Central Group Nozzles are made of high-grade stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor installations. Which are often equipped with multiple adjustable current nozzle, usually ranging from 7 to 12 nozzles, surrounding the central nozzle. These adjustable current nozzles allow for customization of the water flow and spray pattern. When the central group nozzle is used as the central element, it creates a visually impressive water effect with a large water column. The water is forced through the nozzles under pressure, and the adjustable current nozzles can be positioned and angled to create various water patterns, such as fan-shaped sprays or multi-directional jets. When shooting water jet concentrated, The water column stout and tall, magnificant momentum, Due to the refractive quality of the individual streams, Central Group nozzles offer good visibility at the long range viewing distance. Through the water pressure changing, The spray height and area can be selected at will, it can achieve various of effects and it has strong wind resistance, Central group nozzles are commonly used in large-scale fountains, public spaces, commercial complexes, and architectural installations where a significant water feature is desired. They serve as a central point of interest, creating a captivating and engaging experience for viewers, furthermore it has a very sensitive reaction to the invertor-controlled pumps.

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It’s worth noting that the water consumption and noise level of central group nozzles can vary depending on the number of adjustable current nozzles and the water pressure used. Proper water supply and control systems should be in place to ensure efficient operation and maintenance.


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