Himalaya Music Fountain


Toledo City Plaza Fountain Round Pond Water Dancing Fountain, The Philippines

Fountain Location : Toledo,The Philippines
Fountain Size :Dia 18M

Fountain Features and Description

The Manila Musical Fountain was thoughtfully designed and constructed in 2013. This small music dancing fountain features a 18-meter diameter pool, making it attractive, fun, and interesting. The circular pool fountain includes five exquisite water patterns, such as glassy fountain, flat nozzle fountain, cedar fountain, and central high jet. These water dances, through programming, present a variety of colorful and diverse water performances.

This small pool music fountain has become a highlight of Ho Chi Minh City Park, bringing joy to people and adding a charming artistic atmosphere to the city,It is a typical Medium-size circular pool fountain, not too costly a project to make the park a good and romantic place.

Fountain Effect

circular pool fountain
Pond Water Dancing Fountain,the Philippines
Pond Water Dancing Fountain
Pond Water Dancing Fountain installation,The Philippines