Himalaya Music Fountain


2022 Taohuayuan Park Musical Fountain Project, China

Fountain Location : China,2022
Fountain Size : 46M*10M

Fountain Features and Description

The Taohuayuan Park musical Fountain Project has been successfully completed in August 2022. This floating musical fountain project designed and manufactured by the Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Corporation in 2022

This music fountain is 46 meters long and 10 meters wide in arc shape, being composed of 8 groups of water types and 3 laser projectors. This dancing fountain used the advanced software programming technology of Himalaya Fountain Company to realize the perfect combination of sound, light and water.When it comes to the fountain design,this fountain design embodies a fusion of Himalaya’s creativity and technology, featuring a series of water patterns including Standing Waves, Lotus Emergence, Galloping Horses, Dancing Songs, Welcoming Salvo, Feather Robe Dance, Rainbow Crossing, Mountain Peaks, and a Laser Water Screen performance. These diverse and harmonious water patterns transport the audience into a magical aquatic paradise, making each performance a visual spectacle.

 With a design power of 170KW, the fountain reaches its climax when the Welcoming Salvo is activated, perfectly synchronizing water jets with music to create a stunning audio-visual feast.

This floating musical fountain is not only a beautiful attraction but also a place that brings entertainment and surprises to people. Every time the fountain performs, thousands of spectators gather to watch and participate, creating an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and joy.

Himalaya Music Fountain Equipment Company is a fountain manufacturer in China, with 15 years of experience in the fountain industry, and is a national high-tech enterprise.

2022 Taohuayuan Park Musical Fountain project, China1
2022 Taohuayuan Park Musical Fountain project, China1