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Fan Nozzle

Fan Spray Nozzle

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Fan nozzle are made of high-grade stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance, it is a type of fountain nozzle that produces a wide, fan-shaped water spray pattern. It is characterized by its flat or slightly curved shape, which creates a visually pleasing and uniform water display.

The fan nozzle consists of multiple small orifices arranged in a row or a circular pattern along a straight bar or plate. When water is forced through these orifices, it creates a sheet of water that spreads out in a fan-like shape. The angle and width of the fan spray can be adjusted to control the coverage and shape of the water display.

Fan nozzle are available in various sizes, allowing for different water flow rates and spray heights. They can be used individually or in groups to create different visual effects. When multiple fan nozzles are arranged side by side, they can create a continuous and overlapping fan spray pattern, resulting in a stunning water curtain effect.

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Fan nozzle are commonly used in decorative fountains, water features, and architectural displays. They are versatile and can be installed in various orientations, such as vertically or horizontally, depending on the desired effect and fountain design.

The fan spray pattern produced by these nozzles offers a gentle and elegant water display, adding a touch of grace and beauty to outdoor or indoor spaces. The spray height and width can be adjusted to suit the scale and setting of the fountain.

Additionally, fan nozzles can be combined with lighting effects to enhance their visual impact, especially during nighttime displays. Illuminating the fan spray with colored lights can create stunning and dynamic visual effects, making the fountain more captivating and enchanting.

It’s important to consider factors such as water pressure, nozzle spacing, and wind conditions when designing and installing fan nozzles to ensure optimal performance and desired water display.

In summary, fan nozzles are popular choices for fountain designs due to their wide and uniform water spray pattern. They offer versatility in terms of size and orientation and can create visually appealing water displays that add beauty and elegance to any water feature.


Model No.Pressure(kpa)Water spray(m³/h)Jet height(m)Diameter(m)MaterialWater Patterns