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A fog fountain is a type of water feature that creates a mist or fog-like effect by forcing water through tiny nozzles.

It is designed to produce a dense cloud of water vapour that resembles natural fog or mist. The water is typically pressurised and released as fine droplets into the air, creating a visually appealing and atmospheric effect.

Fog fountains are often used in indoor and outdoor settings for decorative purposes, as they can add a sense of enchantment and tranquillity to a space.

They are commonly found in gardens, parks, shopping malls, museums, and other public areas where aesthetics and ambiance are important.

The fog produced by the fountain is usually safe to walk through, as it is simply water vapour and not harmful chemicals or pollutants.

Fairy Fog

They are considered natural humidifiers that improve the quality of air by adding an adequate amount of moisture to dry habitats.

Let us delve into the science behind mist water fountain and explore the mechanism that often leaves drama and intrigue in the surroundings.

The Science Behind Fog Water Fountains

Artificial Cool Fog
In order to fully appreciate the magic that mist fountains exude, it is crucial to understand the science behind these features. In this section, we will explore the scientific principles that contribute to the creation of fog water fountains.

Understanding Fog Water Fountain

Naturally, fog is comprised of minute water droplets that are suspended in the air close to the ground.

It is witnessed when the temperature of the air is near/below its dew point, which results in the condensation of water vapour into droplets.

This phenomenon is now artificially recreated via fog water fountains using mist nozzles.

Mechanics of a fog fountain

Cool fog is atomized using compressed air and pressurised water. Pressurised water is injected into the discharge nozzle of the compressed air stream.

When compressed air is discharged from the nozzle, potential energy from the compressed air is converted into kinetic energy, which is transferred to the incoming water.

Fast moving gas-water mixtures are subjected to pressure fluctuations and turbulence, breaking the water flow into atomized droplets.

Finally, water mist, cold mist, fine mist, and micro mist are produced, just like clouds in high mountains.

Environmental Considerations and Sustainability

While mist water fountains provide magical visual effects, it is important to take its impact on the environment into consideration as well.

Manufacturers and designers strive to develop mist fountains that minimise water consumption and energy usage.

Below is the parameter of our common used mist nozzle

Model No.Pressure (kpa)Water spray(m³/h)Jet height (m)Diameter (m)Material

Himalaya Music Fountain manufactured mist nozzles are made of high-grade stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance which are suitable for outdoor installations.

When water is forced through the mist nozzle under pressure, it exits as extremely small droplets.

These tiny droplets create a fog-like effect, especially when observed from a distance.

When sunlight passes through the mist, it refracts and disperses, creating a beautiful seven-colour rainbow effect like a fairyland.

Divided by means of usage, artificial fog falls into two types: Sceneric Fog and Cool Fog.

The former’s fog-particle is smaller than 10 um, which is just the same size as natural fog. It is mostly used for sceneric use, temperature lowering and moisture preservation.

The latter’s fog-particle ranges from 30 um to 50um, mostly used for lowering temperature, increasing humidity and medicine spraying.

Functions of artificial fog

Heat protection and cooling

The water particles emitted into the air by the spray system absorb a lot of heat from the surrounding environment in the process of gasification, so as to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment, which is an effective means to prevent summer heat and cool down.

Dust proof

Charged water particles can absorb dust floating in the air and settle on the ground, preventing dust from kicking up, so as to purify the air.

Landscape moisturising

The special landscape effect and moisturising effect of spray nozzle have been widely used in garden environment design. It can increase the momentum of the waterfall landscape, create a leisure and mysterious atmosphere for the corridor and rest pavilion, and add a leisurely and comfortable romantic feeling for the garden path.


It’s widely used in gardens, parks and architectures due to its alluring fairytale-like visuals.

fog fountain


Anions also called “Air Vitamin”, will be produced at large scales in artificial fog, which not only beautifies the environment, but also contributes to people’s health.

Design considerations for Fog Water Fountain

artificial cool fog

Designing mist fountain requires precise planning and consideration to ensure that it fits the surrounding and creates a charming ambiance of utmost safety.

Let us explore some key factors that goes into mist water fountain designing:

Evaluating available space

It is crucial to assess the space availability before jumping onto the designing part of the fountain. Here we consider dimensions, layout and aesthetics of the surroundings.

Safety and maintenance considerations

Ensure that the area does not lead to any pitfalls to ensure safety of all everyone involved. In addition to it, consider maintenance requirements of the mist fountain.

Integrating other design elements

Coordinate the design of the mist water fountain with elements like lighting, landscape and architectural features to make it an overall cohesive experience.

Common Combinations With Fog Fountain

Fog fountains can be used alone or in combination with other water features to create a more diverse and captivating water scenery. Below are the common combinations:
Fog Fountain and Fountain
Combining a fog fountain with a traditional fountain can produce a unique effect.The fog fountain can create a layer of mist above the fountain water column,adding visual depth and a sense of mystery.
Fog Fountain and Water Curtain
Water curtains are created by using flowing water to form a curtain-like effect.Placing a fog fountain behind a water curtain combines the mist with the water curtain, creating a dreamy effect.
Fog Fountain and Water Jets
Water jets refer to vertical streams of water sprayed into the air. A fog fountain can surround the water jets with a layer of mist, enhancing the three-dimensional and dynamic qualities of the water streams.
Fog Fountain and Fountain Lighting
By installing coloured lights around or inside the fog fountain, dazzling and colourful lighting effects can be achieved. Combining the changing lights with the mist creates a captivating play of light and shadow.
Fog Fountain and Music Control

Integrating a fog fountain with a music control system allows adjustment of the fog spray pattern according to the rhythm and beats of the music, creating a harmonious audiovisual experience.

These combinations can be flexibly tailored and innovated according to personal preferences and design requirements, resulting in unique and awe-inspiring water scenery.

Artificial Fog Cool2
Artificial Fog Cool1

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

It is a fountain that produces a fine mist or fog like effect by breaking down water into tiny droplets that creates an enhancing ambiance.

Fog fountains use high pressure systems to convert water into mist. LED lights can be used to enhance the display at night.

Yes! With proper ventilation and humidity monitors, fog fountains are safe indoor installations.

Fog fountains must use clean water and operate efficiently to have minimal environmental impact.

An indoor mist fountain refers to fog fountains specifically designed for indoor spaces. They are often smaller in size and are used to enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of interiors.
Fog fountains are designed to elevate a normal space into an aesthetic background. However, they also help in keeping the space cool during hot humid climates.

Yes! When it comes to fog fountains, an in depth site analysis is required to ensure that even though people walk through the fog they are not leading up to a pitfall. For optimal performance of mist fountain, proper setup, and safe operation, it is best to seek professional help.