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Dry Floor Fountain

Dry Floor Water Fountain

Transform your space with the captivating beauty of a dry floor fountain, also known as floor outdoor fountains, dry deck fountains, or floor water fountains.

A dry floor fountain is different from the normal fountain that is installed on a water pond because dry fountains are installed underground, which means that the nozzles and lights are set under the mesh cover.

When spraying water, the sprayed water column is sprayed out through the pavement holes such as the cover plate or granite, so as to achieve the effect of not occupying the leisure space and viewing the fountain.

The pool, nozzles, and lights are all hidden under the cover, and the water column is sprayed out through the small holes between the cover and the surface is clean, dry, and open when no water is sprayed.

dry floor fountain

When not spraying water, it can be used for pedestrians to walk without hindering traffic. The dry deck fountain does not occupy the leisure space but also can be used as a fountain, providing visitors with a place to play near the water. The surface is decorated with smooth and beautiful stone, laid into various patterns and shapes.

When spraying water, it is full of charm under the background of coloured lights. Dry fountains are suitable for hotels, parks, shopping malls, buildings, street view communities, and other places. With their unique mechanism and amazing visual effects, these dry floor fountains bring serenity and coolness to any setting.

Experience the soothing ambiance as the water gracefully dances and reflects light. Discover countless design options, customizable features, and seamless integration possibilities today.

Key components About Dry Floor Fountain

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Water Supply

Every fountain requires a water source to function efficiently and generate desired results. Typically, a dedicated water supply line is connected to the fountain’s system.

Underground Plumbing

Below the surface, a network of pipes and plumbing is installed to distribute the water evenly across the fountain area. These pipes are usually made of PVC or other durable materials.


They are strategically placed within the ground surface to create the desired water patterns. These nozzles can be adjustable to control the height, angle, and intensity of the water spray.

Water pump

A submersible water pump is used to circulate the water from the supply line through the underground pipes and up to the nozzles. The pump is typically housed in a separate underground chamber or a nearby mechanical room.

Control system

This control system can include timers, sensors and valves and is used to regulate the operation of the fountain. It allows for programmable sequences, water flow adjustments and automated on/off cycles

Drainage system

Since there is no pool or basin to collect the water, a drainage system is necessary to prevent water accumulation on the surface. This system usually consists of drains or grates that allow water to flow away and be directed towards a suitable drainage point.

When the dry floor fountain is activated, the water pump draws water from the supply line and pushes it through the underground plumbing. The water is then directed to the specific nozzles, which creates various water effects such as spraying jets, arches or cascades.

The control system allows for customization of the fountain’s operation. It can be programmed to create different water patterns and sequences, synchronised with lights or music, or activated at specific times.

Overall, the dry floor fountain’s mechanism relies on an underground plumbing system, strategically placed nozzles, a water pump, and a control system to create the illusion of water emerging from the dry surface, enhancing the visual appeal of the space.

Enhancing Your Space

Elevate your Outdoors with a Dry Floor Fountain

  • Creates a captivating outdoor environment
  • Makes the regular patio, deck, or garden more fun and interactive
  • The calming water effects are extremely soothing for busy minds

Enrich Commercial Exteriors with Floor Outdoor Fountain

  • Water fountains are as amusing to adults as children thus it leaves a good impression on visitors and potential customers
  • It naturally elevates the floor giving the establishment a luxurious look

Upgrade Your Deck with a Dry Deck Fountain

  • They are an excellent way to add a contemporary look to your outdoor gathering or parties.
  • The combination of water and light overall creates an alluring ambiance at night.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

When it comes to dry floor fountains, exceptional craftsmanship and the use of high quality materials are of utmost importance.

These fountains are meticulously designed and constructed to offer a visually stunning and long lasting outdoor focal point.

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Meticulous Design

The fountain designers precisely consider factors like size, proportions, and aesthetics to ensure the fountain becomes a statement piece that enhances the installment.

The design involves a balance between form and function, which results in a harmonious fusion of artistry and practicality.

Attention to Detail

Skilled craftsmen dedicate themselves to perfecting the tiniest elements like decorative motifs, ornate patterns, and sculptural features.

These intricate details elevate the fountain from a merely functional piece to a fabulous work of art which adds depth and visual interest to the overall design.

Customization Possibilities

We love to see others’ creative imagination reflect in their personal water fountains.

Since there is room for personalization, our customers can choose from a wide range of customization options to create a water fountain that reflects their own style.

From selecting ideal materials to incorporating specific design elements like engraved patterns to customized logos, the possibilities for customization are limitless.

Himalaya Music Fountain

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We want fountains to be a contemporary art form that combines water with music, dance, and technology

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