Himalaya Music Fountain


Suining Lvzhou Bridge 136M Long Digital Water Curtain, China

Fountain Location : China
Fountain Size : 136M

Fountain Features and Description

Designed and constructed by Himalaya Music Fountain (HMF), this CNC Digital Water Curtain Fountain is 135 meters long and 16 meters high, comprising 2800 nozzles, It is the longest digital water curtain bridge fountain of China. Himalaya Graphical Water is featured has got the fastest scanning speed in the whole world (1000 Scanning/Second).

The CNC Water Curtain is a high-tech water feature product that employs innovative technology. It is a suspended water curtain (water screen, waterfall) capable of projecting various patterns and text, among other designs. This technology utilizes CNC valves to control the free-falling time difference of water columns, altering the length of water lines, thereby forming different patterns and text with the descending water lines. The three-dimensional water curtain can project any characters, instantly forming words and highlighting themes, infusing the scene with dynamic charm that captures attention from afar and entices visitors.

CNC Water Curtains are frequently used indoors, in places like exhibition halls and galleries. They are innovative and add an element of mystery, enhancing the aesthetics of the surroundings. This technology presents an exciting new display medium for exhibitions and presentations, providing a captivating new way to showcase information.

Fountain Installation

Fountain Effect