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Snow-Pine Nozzle

Snow-Pine Water Fountain Nozzle

Experience the faux snow display via our fountain nozzle


Snow pine nozzles are made of high-grade stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance,it is a type of fountain nozzle that creates large water columns with air bulbs inside, resulting in a magnificent display, particularly when illuminated by sunlight. The water columns resemble the shape of a snow-covered pine tree, hence the name.

These nozzles are typically designed to release pressurized water in a columnar form, often with a central air intake that creates air bulbs or bubbles within the water stream. The air bubbles add visual interest and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the fountain display.

When the water column rises and the air bubbles are formed within it, the sunlight can interact with the water droplets and create sparkling reflections and glimmers, giving a dazzling effect to the fountain. This combination of water columns and air bulbs results in a visually stunning and captivating water feature.

snow pine fountain

Snow-pine nozzles are often used in large-scale fountains, public parks, or other outdoor water installations. Their grandeur and visual impact make them popular choices for creating impressive focal points in various settings.

It’s worth noting that the exact design and appearance of a snow-pine nozzle may vary depending on the manufacturer or specific fountain design. Different nozzle configurations and materials can be used to achieve the desired effect.

Overall, the snow-pine nozzle is known for its ability to create large water columns with air bulbs, resulting in a magnificent and captivating water display, especially when illuminated by sunlight. It adds a touch of grandeur and beauty to outdoor spaces, providing a memorable visual experience for viewers.


Model No. Pressure(kpa) Water spray(m³/h) Jet height(m) Diameter(m) Material
Adjustable DN20 40-200 2-4 1-4 0.2 SUS304
Adjustable DN25 40-200 6-10 1-6 0.3 SUS304
Adjustable DN40 50-330 8-20 1-8 0.6 SUS304
Adjustable DN50 50-400 12-25 1-10 1 SUS304
Adjustable DN80 50-450 21-50 1-12 1.5 SUS304
Directional DN15 40-200 2-4 1-4 0.2 SUS304
Directional DN20 40-200 2-4 1-4 0.2 SUS304
Directional DN25 40-200 6-10 1-6 0.3 SUS304
Directional DN40 50-330 8-20 1-8 0.6 SUS304
Directional DN50 50-400 12-25 1-10 1.0 SUS304