Himalaya Music Fountain


Large Music Fountain And Laser Show, Mongolia

Fountain Features and Description

The Ulaanbaatar Music Fountain was designed and constructed by Himalaya Music Fountain (HMF) in 2020. The fountain spans 93 meters by 15 meters with symmetrically distributed pool fountains. The music fountain features a variety of water patterns, including welcoming cedar, tunnel of time, galloping horses, rolling prosperity, central pillar, united hearts, elegant jade trees, and many others. It comprises 325 sets of nozzles, 340 fountain lights, with a music fountain operating power of 90KW.

The Ulaanbaatar Music Fountain is situated in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. It serves as a prominent landmark and nighttime entertainment venue for the city. When night falls, the Ulaanbaatar Music Fountain comes to life. Water dances to the rhythm and melody of the music, while the lights transform, projecting a myriad of colorful hues, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a dreamlike world.

The performances of the Ulaanbaatar Music Fountain feature different themes and tracks, encompassing a wide range of musical styles from traditional Mongolian music to international pop. This diversity allows the fountain to attract audiences with various tastes.

Fountain Installation

Music Fountain
Installation 02 1
Installation 03 1
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Fountain Effect

Effect 03 1
Effect 01 2
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