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Vertical Swing Fountain Nozzles

Vertical Swing Fountain Nozzles

To let your audience witness water swaying with the rhythm of music


Vertical swing group is a type of fountain nozzle configuration that consists of a series of nozzles arranged vertically and capable of swinging or oscillating in a synchronized manner. This configuration creates a dynamic and visually captivating water display that adds movement and elegance to fountain designs.

The vertical swing group typically includes multiple nozzles mounted on a common vertical axis. These nozzles can be adjusted to various angles and directions, allowing for flexibility in the water patterns and movements they produce.

When activated, the vertical swing group nozzles move in unison, creating an upward and downward swinging motion. The synchronized movement of the nozzles adds a sense of rhythm and grace to the water display, enhancing its visual impact.

Vertical Swing Group3

The water patterns created by the vertical swing group can vary depending on the specific design and arrangement of the nozzles. Common effects include vertical arcs, cascading water curtains, or gracefully arching jets. These effects can be further enhanced with the use of lighting and color-changing features, creating a captivating and dynamic spectacle, especially during nighttime displays.

The vertical swing group is often used in large-scale fountains, public squares, or commercial spaces where a dramatic and eye-catching water feature is desired. It provides an interactive and engaging experience for viewers, as they witness the flowing and swinging motion of the water.

The speed and range of the swinging motion can be adjusted to suit the specific design and desired effect. Additionally, the vertical swing group can be combined with other types of fountain nozzles, such as fan nozzles or laminar flow nozzles, to create a multi-dimensional and visually stunning water display.

Overall, the vertical swing group is a versatile and visually captivating fountain nozzle configuration that adds movement, elegance, and grandeur to water features. Its synchronized swinging motion and customizable water patterns make it a popular choice for creating dynamic and engaging water displays in various settings.


Module No. Row Q’ty Distance Between Nozzles Total Length Total Width Needed Water Depth Remark
S1 S2
HVSG-01 1 row 0.2 0.25 6.0-12 0.3-0.5 0.6 Design to actual need.
HVSG-02 2 rows 0.2 0.25 6.0-12 0.3-0.5 0.6