Himalaya Music Fountain


The Large-scale Floating Musical Fountain For River installed in Hailar,Hulunbeier,2021

Fountain Location : Hailar Inner Mongolia China
Fountain Size : 208*40M

Fountain Features and Description

Large-scale Floating Musical Fountain project designed and manufactured by Himalaya Music Fountain Company,Located within the Hailar River, the music fountain project spans 208 meters in length and 40 meters in width, featuring a dynamic ascending and descending design.

The musical fountain project is equipped with numerous water patterns, including a hundred-meter high spray, radiant beams, landscapes with hibiscus flowers, dynamic peacocks, water ballet, water screen movies, swirling mist, water sleeve dance, rainbow crossings, galloping horses, majestic peaks, blooming flowers, peacocks displaying plumage, rising sun, and spreading wings of an eagle, among dozens of others. It comprises 1,852 nozzles, 2,176 colored lights, 192 water pumps, 3 lasers, 2 projectors, 36 sets of computer moving lights, and 24 control cabinets. with an operating power of 1202KW.

Its creative fountain layout depicts an eagle spreading its wings towards the sun and is divided into three chapters: “Rolling Dust of a Thousand Years,” “Eagle Soaring in the Sky, Horses Galloping,” and “Grassland Paradise, Building Dreams Together.” It is currently one of the longer floating music fountains in China.

The Inner Mongolia Musical Fountain project is a spectacle that seamlessly combines aesthetics, technology, and art. Its creative fountain layout presents a magnificent scene, resembling a giant eagle poised to take flight. From the rolling dust of a thousand years to the eagle soaring in the sky and horses galloping, and finally to the grassland paradise where dreams are built together, each chapter showcases unique themes and emotions through carefully orchestrated fountain effects and lighting variations.

As the Inner Mongolia Music Fountain is an ascending and descending type, when not in use, the fountain’s lifting system raises the entire fountain, submerging all floating and fountain equipment into the riverbed. This protective measure prevents the fountain equipment from being affected by adverse weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures. The Inner Mongolia ascending and descending music fountain serves not only as a landscape decoration but also as part of the city’s cultural and tourist resources. It offers a unique entertainment option for both local residents and visitors, allowing people to appreciate beautiful fountain performances during both daytime and nighttime.

Fountain Installation

Fountain Effect