Himalaya Music Fountain


Mumbai Regency Antila Large Musical Water Fountain Project, India

Fountain Location : India
Fountain Size : 60M x 15M

Fountain Features and Description

The Regency Antilia Music Fountain in India was designed and constructed by Himalaya Music Fountain (HMF) company in 2015. The music fountain features an eye-shaped design with dimensions of 60 meters in length and 15 meters in width. Comprising a total of 300 nozzle groups, the music fountain incorporates 5 types of water patterns.

The music fountain at the Regency Antilia Hotel shines like a brilliant pearl, adding unparalleled radiance and charm to the hotel. This choreographed music fountain is not only an artwork but also a signature feature of the hotel. Every evening, it draws tourists and guests together to appreciate the mesmerizing performance woven from water, light, and music, creating a wonderful audiovisual spectacle for each visitor.

Beyond its artistic allure, this musical fountain has become an ideal space for socializing and gatherings. People can stroll alongside the fountain, engage in life conversations, and experience the joy and tranquility brought by the combination of music and water. For hotel guests, the music fountain offers a luxurious indulgence, adding a unique value to their stay experience.

Fountain Installation

Installation 01
Installation 02
Installation 03
Installation 04

Fountain Effect

Effect 01
Effect 02 3
Effect 03 3