Himalaya Music Fountain


Floating Digital Dancing Water Fountain Project, Vietnam

Fountain Location : Vietnam
Fountain Type : Digital Water Dancing Floating Fountain

Fountain Features and description

The Vietnam digital water dancing floating fountain in Ho Chi Minh City, a remarkable music fountain project, was designed and constructed by a renowned fountain manufacturer Himalaya Music Fountain Corporation. This fountain is based on an octagonal floating device, with 48 sets of one-dimensional fountain systems installed on it. Each one-dimensional fountain system is equipped with a specially designed one-dimensional nozzle and a separate water pump, capable of shooting water columns up to 30 meters high.

The meticulous programming of the Himalaya Music Fountain control software endows this fountain with unique dynamism. The 48 sets of one-dimensional fountains bloom like a lotus flower, gently opening under the command of the control software.This floating digital fountain installation was successfully completed at the end of 2018. 

This visual feast is synchronized with the melody of the music, with each nozzle moving in rhythm, creating an enchanting audiovisual experience. Every night, this floating music fountain transforms into an artistic performance, bringing incredible charm and vitality to Ho Chi Minh City. It has become a dazzling jewel of the city, attracting tourists and residents alike to enjoy this spectacular visual and auditory feast.

Fountain Installation

Fountain installation in Vietnam
Fountain installation in Vietnam
Fountain installation in Vietnam

Fountain Effect

Floating Digital dancing water fountain,Vietnam
Floating Digital dancing water fountain,Viet