Himalaya Music Fountain


Sanlan Square Musical Dancing Fountain Project, China

Fountain Location : China
Fountain Size : 150*15m Pool Fountain and Dia 21m Dry Deck Fountain

Fountain Features and Description

The San Lan Square Music Fountain covers an area of 4000 square meters and was designed and constructed by Himalaya Music Fountain (HMF) . The music fountain consists of 1 dry plaza fountain and 6 pool fountains. The design features 10 sets of water patterns, including central high sprays, prosperity and growth, clouds rising and misty, boundless opportunities, peacock displaying plumage, galloping horses, united hearts, surging springs, and mountain shapes. In total, it comprises over 700 sets of nozzles and LED underwater lights.

The San Lan Square Music Fountain is a popular attraction located in the city of Lanshan, China, cherished by local residents and visitors alike. The music fountain seamlessly combines water features, lighting, and music to create a magnificent audiovisual spectacle through meticulously choreographed performances by Himalaya Music Fountain (HMF).

The square music fountain is controlled by computers and presents effects such as water jets and lighting changes in sync with the rhythm and emotional changes of the music. This comprehensive performance is particularly captivating at night, as the interplay of lights and water creates vivid and colorful visuals. When combined with the melodies and emotions of the music, it provides visitors with a unique entertainment experience.

Fountain Installation

Installation 01 3
Installation 02 2
Installation 03 2
Installation 04 3

Fountain Effect

Effect 01 4
Effect 02 5
Effect 03 5
Effect 04