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Operation Guide Of Music Fountain Control Cabinet

Working of Music Fountain Control Cabinet

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A complete Operation Guide Of Music Fountain Control Cabinet and fountain maintenance

Fountain Control Cabinet User Manual

I. Conditions of Using Control Cabinet:

The control center of a fountain is the electrical control cabinet, how to operate a fountain is

mainly about operating the control cabinet. The conditions of use are as below:

1. Good ventilation, no corrosion and flammable gas.

2. The highest temperature not to exceed 45 ℃, the lowest temperature is not lower than 5 ℃.

3. The relative humidity of the air is not more than 90%.

4. Voltage range AC 380V±5%,50HZ

Central group nozzle

II. Description Of The Knobs On Control Panel

1. Power Switch:

Only when the main power switch of each control cabinet is closed can the operation switch on the panel come into effect.

2. Automatic/Manual Switch:

When the switch is on AUTOMATIC, the fountain show can be controlled by computer.

When the switch is on MANUAL, it’s mainly used for single water shape, all the water shape switches on the panel can act independently, being used for water shape debugging, users can also combine different water types according to their preferences. If it’s a programmed fountain, when the switch is on the position of AUTOMATIC, the fountain will perform as programmed.

3. Lamp Switch:

Users can turn off the colored lights according to their needs during the day.

III. Operating Steps:

All the fountain control cabinets have the main circuit breaker, which can cut off the main power supply of the control cabinet, so as to facilitate fountain maintenance and repair.

This control cabinet operates in two ways: manual operation/automatic operation.

1. Preparation before operating:Check whether the control knobs on the control panel in the control cabinet are in the stop state,Then close the main power circuit breaker in the control cabinet and check whether the voltmeter display of each control cabinet is normal.

2. Manual operation:Place the  Automatic/Manual knob on the position of Manual, then choose relative knobs on panel to perform corresponding water types.

3. Automatic Operation:Place the Automatic /Manual knob on the position of Automatic, the fountain show will be performed automatically.

4. The RGB light switch on the control panel can be opened at night.

5. Close the reverse operation.

IV. Fountain Maintenance:

In order to make the equipment is always in the best condition, daily fountain maintenance and regular fountain maintenance should be carried out.

1.Dust the electric cabinet once a month.

2. The exhaust fan of the equipment shall be checked semiannually.

3. Water quality should be kept clean in the fountain pool, and rubbish are prohibited to be thrown into the pool, so as to prevent water pump and sprinkler head from being blocked and equipment from being damaged.

4. The fountain pool shall be cleaned irregularly, and the pipes and pumps shall be painted again if necessary.

V. Safety  

1. The control room shall be equipped with safety and fire fighting facilities suitable for electrical safety requirements.

2. When the fountain is in operation, operators are strictly prohibited to leave the control room, must inspect the operation of various electrical control equipment at any time. If any abnormality is found, the power should be cut off immediately and the fountain should be stopped to avoid the expansion of the accident.

3. When maintaining the control system, the main power should be cut off. People without qualification is strictly prohibited to operate and maintain the control equipment system.

4. Do not pile up other sundries in the control room. It is strictly prohibited to connect other electric wires on the control cabinet.