Himalaya Music Fountain


2022 Wenming Lake Musical Fountain Completed Successfully, China

Fountain Location : China,2023
Fountain Size : 40M*25M

Fountain Features and Description

The Wenming Lake Music Fountain project designed and made by Himalaya Fountain has been successfully completed in 2022.

The Wenming Lake Musical Fountain Project, created and installed by the Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Company in 2022, is an innovative and artistically expressive water feature project. This musical fountain blends various performance elements such as sound, light, water, and electricity, providing the residents and visitors of Baisha Li Autonomous County with a creative aquatic show. It also adds a harmonious and beautiful unique landscape to the area, enriching people’s daily lives.

The Wenming Lake Musical Fountain consists of seven types of water patterns, some of which feature surprisingly versatile changes. The design of these water patterns showcases creativity and technological innovation, employing new technologies such as 2D digital nozzles, running fountains, and circular sways, allowing the water to present more diverse effects. Whether it’s delicate water columns, spinning sprays, or dynamic waves, the fountain can change according to different scenes and musical melodies, creating varied fountain effects.

The purpose of the Wenming Lake Musical Fountain is not only to entertain but also to enrich the everyday lives of people. It provides local residents with an opportunity to appreciate and participate in, and offers visitors a distinctive landscape performance. This musical fountain not only allows people to enjoy the beauty of nature but also integrates modern technology and artistic creativity, becoming an outstanding representative that blends tradition with modernity, and nature with technology. It adds a beautiful landscape to Baisha Li Autonomous County, brings the charm of water performances to the local community, and creates a unique and enjoyable space, becoming an indispensable part of the region.

Himalaya Fountain company is a professional and one of the largest fountain manufacturers in China. It has 15 years of experiences of fountain design, fountain production and fountain installation in the fountain industry, and is a national high-tech enterprise.

2022 Wenming Lake Musical Fountain Completed Successfully, China
2022 Wenming Lake Musical Fountain Completed Successfully, China1
2022 Wenming Lake Musical Fountain Completed Successfully, China2