Himalaya Music Fountain


In-ground Rain Dance Fountain And 450M Long Pond Fountain At AATAPI Wonderland, India

Fountain Location : India
Fountain Size : 450M group fountain

Fountain Features and Description

The 450M Long Group Fountain was designed and constructed by Himalaya Music Fountain (HMF) Company in 2017. Spanning a length of 450 meters, the fountain consists of 27 sets of water features, including 2 plaza fountains and 5 rectangular pools. Following its completion, the fountain became the longest scenic fountain in India.
Within the park, the Group Fountain creates a mesmerizing visual and sensory experience for visitors with its 450-meter-long fountain landscape. The unique design by Himalaya Music Fountain (HMF) Company seamlessly blends the fountain with the natural surroundings, offering people a vibrant yet serene space where they can appreciate the beauty and unwind.

The elongated fountain landscape gracefully winds along the park’s contours, simulating the illusion of water flowing naturally. Along this fountain path, water jets leap, swirl, and dance in synchronization with the rhythm and tempo of the music, transforming the entire area into an enchanting stage. Diverse fountain effects, ranging from tall sprays to gentle flows, from fine mist to water curtains, create an array of dynamic aquatic displays, presenting a series of breathtaking visuals for the audience.

Alongside this fountain landscape, resting areas, observation decks, and seating have been arranged for visitors to enjoy and relax. People can immerse themselves in the tranquility and soothing sights of the fountain, or spend quality time with friends and family in this pleasant environment. During the night, the play of lights illuminates the fountain with a vibrant spectrum of colors, crafting a dreamlike atmosphere.

This design not only adds a distinctive aesthetic to the entire park but also offers visitors a truly unique and captivating experience.

Fountain Installation

Installation 01 1
Installation 02 1
Installation 03 1
Installation 04 1

Fountain Effect

Effect 01 1
Effect 02
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