Himalaya Music Fountain


Qinghai Guide Water Park Music Fountain With Laser Projection, China

Fountain Location : China
Fountain Size : 80M x 20M

Fountain Features and Description

The Yi Fang Yuan Music Fountain was designed and constructed in 2019 by Himalaya Fountain Company. The music fountain spans a length of 80 meters and curves with a width of 20 meters. The fountain features various water patterns including soaring jade columns, blooming flower baskets, unfolding hibiscus flowers, majestic peaks, Avalokiteshvara with a thousand arms, peacocks displaying their plumage, the dragon’s dominance, rainbow crossings, galloping horses, and ethereal clouds. It consists of over 800 sets of nozzles, 778 underwater colored lights, and has a design power of 507KW.

It is the largest floating music fountain with laser show of Qinghai Province in China, Positioned at the center of the scenic area, the Yi Fang Yuan Music Fountain has become a focal point and gathering spot for visitors after its completion. It draws in numerous individuals who gather around it, potentially bringing increased foot traffic to other nearby attractions as well. The design of the music fountain contributes to enhancing the vibrancy and popularity of the entire scenic area.

Fountain Installation

Qinghai Guide Water Park Music Fountain Installation
Installation 01
Qinghai Guide Water Park Music Fountain Installation process
Installation 04 2

Fountain Effect

Effect 01 3
Effect 02 4
Effect 03 4