Himalaya Music Fountain


Pagadian City Municipal Music Dancing Fountain Pond Water Fountain, The Philippines

Fountain Location : The Philippines
Fountain Size : 136M

Fountain Features and Description

The Pagadian City municipal square music fountain consists of 1 Dia 50m round pool fountain and 8 rectangular pond fountains, takes an area of 3000 square meters, designed and constructed by Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain (HMF) Corporation, was completed in the end of October 2019. This fountain adopts the latest popular digital swing fountain, water laser show and fire fountains, which are the newest high-tech products in fountain industry, is surely to bring a fabulous fountain show to the local people and visitors in the Philippines.comprising 11 sets of water patterns: central pillar, rising sun, one-dimensional digital, swirling mist, peacock opening its plumage, united efforts, surging springs, blooming flowers, LPG fireball, cedar welcoming, and more. In total, it consists of 547 nozzle sets, 600 fountain lights, with a music fountain operating power of 128.95KW.

Located at the heart of the Pagadian City Hall, the Pagadian Music Fountain attracts visitors from around the world as well as local residents. When night falls and the music begins, water dances in tune with the lights, creating a unique audiovisual spectacle that illuminates the entire square, resembling a dreamlike world.

The design of the Pagadian Music Fountain also incorporates elements of fire, adding an extra layer of visual awe to the performance. Guided by the meticulously orchestrated music of Himalaya Fountain Company, flames and water interact harmoniously, creating a magical display akin to blossoming in the night sky. This creative fusion provides an incredible experience for visitors, immersing them in a fantastical realm of colors and wonders.

As the music fountain starts its performance, the square gathers tourists and local residents from around the world. People sit on benches or stand around the music fountain, captivated by the visual and auditory feast. Guided by the music, the audience becomes entranced by the splendor of water, lights, and flames, experiencing a unique and emotional journey.

Fountain Installation

pagad installation
pagad install
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Fountain Effect

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