Himalaya Music Fountain


The Thansur Sokha Hotel Dancing Music Fountain Project, Cambodia

Fountain Location : Cambodia,2010
Fountain Size : 32x20M

Fountain Features and Description

The music fountain was installed in Cambodia in 2010 which is designed with an irregular shape, measuring 32 meters in length and 20 meters in width, and equipped with 228 nozzles,18 water pumps,358 fountain color lights,112 solenoid valves,8000 meters of cables, with a total starting power of 54.63 KW.

After Thansur Sokha Hotel music fountain building finished, it quickly becomes one of the highlights and tourist attractions of the area and attracts many tourists and local residents to enjoy and experience, Every evening, as night falls, the musical fountain unveils its splendid and colorful performance. The water columns dance to the rhythm, accompanied by melodious musical melodies, creating a unique visual and auditory feast. The rising and falling of the water columns, the splashes and leaps of water droplets, harmonize with the dynamics of the music, as if a magnificent dance of water and music, illuminating the entire space in the darkness of the night.

Fountain Installation

Installation 1
Installation 3
Installation 2
Installation 4

Fountain Effect