Himalaya Music Fountain


Astana EXPO 2017 Water Fire Fountain Show Musical Fountain, Kazakhstan

Fountain Location : Astana,Kazakhstan
Fountain Size : Two groups of 75*20M pond


The music fountain at the Kazakhstan Expo was jointly constructed by Germany, Turkey, and China. In this project,Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain company, as the sole supplier from China, provided various fountain equipment, including 24 sets of fireball fountains, 42 sets of water-fire fountains, 2 sets of swinging UFO fountains, and 10 sets of seagull fountains.

The supply of these fountain equipment showcased the professional expertise and leading position of Chinese companies in fountain technology and engineering. The fireball fountains created a spectacular effect by shooting flames, while the water-fire fountains combined the elements of water and fire, adding visual impact to the fountains. The swinging UFO fountains created a flowing artistic effect through the swinging motion of water jets. The seagull fountains, inspired by the image of seagulls soaring, designed the water flow into elegant jetting patterns.The Water, Fire, and Light show at Astana EXPO 2017 featured a large-scale multimedia performance combining water, fire, light, and music. The show took place in the central area of the expo site, specifically at the Nur Alem Pavilion, which is also known as the Sphere.

The main highlight of the show was the central fountain, which was designed to create captivating water displays synchronized with music and lighting effects. The fountain was surrounded by a large circular pond, and it was capable of shooting water jets to various heights and directions. The water jets were choreographed to move in synchronization with the music, creating visually stunning patterns and formations.

Additionally, the show incorporated fire elements, such as flames and fireballs, which added an extra dimension to the spectacle. The combination of water, fire, and light effects created a dynamic and mesmerizing experience for the spectators.

The collaboration in the construction of the music fountain project at the Kazakhstan Expo demonstrates international cooperation and exchange in the field of engineering construction. Professional teams from Germany, Turkey, and China participated together, contributing their respective technical, design, and engineering expertise to create this remarkable fountain project.

The construction of the music fountain at the Kazakhstan Expo aims to showcase technological innovation and artistic expression from different countries, providing visual enjoyment and awe for visitors. This project will be one of the highlights of the expo, attracting tourists and spectators from around the world. Through the unique design and sophisticated technology of the fountain, the music fountain at the Kazakhstan Expo will demonstrate the charm and diversity of fountain art, serving as a platform for international exchange and cooperation.

Fountain Design Drawing

Fountain At Site Installation

Fountain Real Effect