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Mist Nozzle

Mist Nozzle for Outdoor Fountain Design

Modify your space into a fairy tale land with our mist fountain nozzle


Mist nozzles are made of high-grade stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance. which are suitable for outdoor installations. When water is forced through the mist nozzle under pressure, It exits as extremely small droplets. These tiny droplets create a fog-like effect, especially when observed from a distance. When sunlight passes through the mist, it refracts and disperses, creating a beautiful seven-color rainbow effect.

The specific structure of the mist nozzle can vary, resulting in different spray patterns and water postures. Some mist nozzles create a uniform mist that spreads out evenly, while others may produce a more concentrated stream of mist in a specific direction or shape. These variations allow for creativity and customization in fountain design.

One of the advantages of mist nozzles is their low noise level during operation. They produce a gentle spraying sound, which adds to the tranquil and serene atmosphere created by the mist. Additionally, mist nozzles tend to have relatively low water consumption compared to other types of nozzles, making them more efficient in terms of water usage.

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Due to their unique characteristics, mist nozzles are often installed around statues or in landscape designs where a mystical or fairyland-like ambiance is desired. The mist produced by these nozzles creates a cooling effect and adds an ethereal touch to the surrounding space.

Overall, mist nozzles made of high-grade stainless steel offer corrosion resistance, create a fine mist that forms a rainbow effect, have low noise levels, and consume less water. These qualities make them popular for enhancing outdoor spaces and creating a whimsical atmosphere reminiscent of a fairyland.


Model No. Pressure(kpa) Water spray(m³/h) Jet height(m) Diameter(m) Material
DN15 70-250 0.8-1.8 1.0-2.3 5.0-8.0 SUS304
DN20 100-300 1.0-2.3 2.0-6 5.0-8.0 SUS304
DN25 100-400 1.2-3.0 2.5-6 5.0-10 SUS304
DN50 100-400 1.5-3.5 2.5-7 5.0-10 SUS304