Himalaya Music Fountain


Iztapalapa Distrito Federal Pool Dancing Fountain Project, Mexico

Fountain Location : Mexico
Fountain Size : 24M x19M

Fountain Features and Description

Ixtapaluca Musical Dancing Fountain designed and constructed by Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2014,The dimensions of this musical dancing fountain are 24 meters by 19 meters, It consists of 2 groups of dry water fountains.

The design of the Ixtapaluca Music Fountain is filled with creativity, integrating various water forms such as dancing fountains, digital nozzles, matrix dry jets, and more, creating a magnificent and colorful visual feast. With over 200 sets of fountain nozzles and lights, this fountain resembles a star, sparkling with beautiful radiance at night, captivating the gaze of countless tourists.

After its completion, the music fountain received high praise from the local government and garnered extensive media coverage. This not only signifies recognition for the Himalaya Music Fountain (HMF) team, but also showcases the city’s culture and image.

Fountain Installation

Pool dancing fountain
Pool dancing fountain
Pool dancing fountain

Fountain Effect

Effect 01
Effect 03 2
Effect 02 1