Himalaya Music Fountain


2023 Bangladesh AB group Music Floating Fountain

Fountain Location : Bangladesh
Fountain Size : Group A 20M*6M;Group B 32M*10M

Fountain Features and Description

The Bangladesh Music Floating Fountain, designed and produced by the Himalaya Music Fountain Company, fountain installation began in July 2023 and completed in August 2023. The entire music fountain system consists of two groups, namely Group A and Group B. Group A measures 20 meters in length and 6 meters in width, while Group B spans 32 meters in length and 10 meters in width. Together, these two groups form a musical fountain complex. The entire system comprises 310 nozzles, 35 water pumps, and 450 underwater lights. The precise coordination and control of these elements are crucial for delivering outstanding performances.

The Bangladesh Music Floating Fountain can be controlled in three ways: manual, timed, and music synchronization. It offers over ten water patterns, including high jets, running fountains, mist sprays, 3D digital sways, and lotus flower blooms. These water patterns can be freely switched and combined to meet various performance requirements. Advanced computer programs and automation systems allow for precise control of the height, direction, and water intensity of each nozzle, adapting to different musical and performance scenarios.

Fountain Installation

Fountain Effect