Himalaya Music Fountain


Cultural Park Laser And Water Screen Projection Music Fountain Show, China

Fountain Location : China,2019
Fountain Size : 80M*45M

Fountain Features and Description

The Guilin Cultural Park Music Fountain, situated at the Shen Nong Lake in the ancient Guilin County, was rebuilt and upgraded in 2019 by the Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Equipment Co., Ltd. This music fountain is of immense scale, spanning a total length of 80 meters and a width of 45 meters, presenting as a floating music fountain. The design of the music fountain encompasses not just dozens of water patterns but also incorporates nearly a thousand delicate nozzles, capable of precise performances synchronized to the melodies and rhythms of music.

The music fountain design includes water screen projection and 12 fountain water patterns: soaring jade columns, blooming hibiscus flowers, galloping horses, thriving prosperity, blossoming trees with silver flowers, rainbow crossings, peacock displays, unity of the masses, harmonious diversity, rolling years, and the dominance of dragons, among others.

During significant festivals, visitors to Guilin can witness the spectacular performances of the musical fountain, with water columns soaring as high as forty to fifty meters into the sky. Additionally, they can enjoy a unique experience with water screen movies, watching films amidst the undulating water screen, filled with entertainment and charm. The Guilin Cultural Park is not just an engaging tourist destination but also an exceptional place brimming with the beauty of art and nature.

Fountain Installation

Fountain Effect