Himalaya Music Fountain


Hyderabad 180M Musical Floating Fountain, India 2023

Fountain Location : Hussain Sagar Hyderabad,India
Fountain Size : 180M*10M

Fountain Features and Description

Himalaya Music Fountain designed and manufactured India’s largest musical floating fountain at Hussain Sagar,it is launched on 10 Feb 2023.

The Musical Floating Fountain has a height 90Meters,Length is 180 meters and Width is 10 meters,Including 3 laser sets that display a range of themes,mist fairy fog to create a cloud effect along with music,800 jet high-powered nozzles,and 880 underwater LED lights add with dynamic visual experience.

The nozzles and jets of the fountain are controlled and synchronized with music through a DMX controller,the height of sprays from the chasing nozzles ranges from 12 to 45 meters,the central jet height of 90 meters.
Visitors can enjoy the fountain from designated viewing areas around the Hussain Sagar lake, allowing them to witness the grandeur of the fountain and its captivating water displays.

Fountain Installation

Fountain Effect