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HSVF System for Artificial Cool Fog

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HSVF( High Speed vibration Fog System)
There’re 2 common ways for artificial fogging. The first is to spray water drops into air current with high speed. Then the drops will be broken into tiny pieces. The method consume a large amount of energy, consequently, it is not economical enough for commercial fog-making. The other way is to vaporize water and spread it into frozen air current with low speed. This method also consumes lots of energy in the course of air-regrigerating, therefore, it is not suitable to make fog in the way at a large scale, either. HSVF artificial fog system, owing to its advanced technology, can overcome the shortcomings of the above two ways, and it can make cool, clean and healthy artificial fog at a very low energy consumption.

HSVF system mainly consists of 5 systems, and they go as follows:

fog fountain

1. Water treatment system: it filtrates the impurities and floatings from water, in the meantime, KDF filter eliminates harmful elements like chlorides and heavy metal(Pb, Hg, Cr.), and the filter can be cleaned by repeated washing.

2. High pressure pump system: it is the heart of HSVF fog system. The pump is imported world-famous fountain products, and the pressure could be adjusted to the actually need. (Maximum pressure 14Mpa), the device has reliable operation, long using life and very little noise.

3. High pressure tube system: both the tubes and the connectors are made of stainless steel with easy installation and reliable operation.

4. Vibration Nozzle System: It is also a critical part. By the means of usage purpose, vibration nozzles fall into 2 types: a. HSVF type for seneric use, it can produce fog ranging from 2-10 um; b. HSVFL type for agriculture and powltry, fog ranging from 30-50um. By the means of material, vibration nozzles are of 3 types:Rigid Stainless Steel, Carborundum and Red Gem.

5. Control System: Control System can automatically supervise problems like the water-pressure, water-inadequacy, over-ampherage and over-temperature. The control system has clock-control and it can display malfunction of the system. Based on programmed PLC, the control system is versatile and reliable.

HSVF Series Capacity for Fog
Module No.Flow Vol. L/MinNozzle Q’tyAdaptability
Heavy Fog(M2)Light Fog(M2)
HSVF 656.650-7050-80100
HSVF 11010.7100-12080-120200
HSVF 15014.7140-160150-200300
HSVF 20020.8200-230160-250400

Applications Of HSVF Fog System

Devided by means of usage, artificial fog falls into two types: Sceneric Fog and Cool Fog. The former’s fog-particle is smaller than 10um, which is just the same size of natural fog. It is mostly used for sceneric using, temperature lowing and moisture preservation. The latter’s fog-particle ranges from 30um to 50um, mostly used for lowering temperature, increase humidity and medicine spraying.

To detail the functions of artificial fog:

1. Scenery-making: It’s widely used in gardens, parks and architectures.

2. Temperature lowering: The air could be cooled fast through evaporating.

3. Disinfection: The fog can distribute medicine evenly and fastly for the purpose of sterlization.

4. Agricultural Irrigation: Fog can spray water and medicine evenly.

5. Deodorization: Anions, called as “Air Vitalmin”, will be produced at large scales in artifical fog, which does not only beutify the enviroment, but also contributes to people’s health.

Artificial Cool Fog Fountain HSVF System
Technological Parametres for Main Pump
Module No. Rated Power(KW) Flow Vol. (L/min) Rated output Pressure(Mpa) Inlet Diametre Outlet Diametre
HSVF 65 2.2 6.6 5 0.5” 3/8”
HSVF 110 3 10.7 5 0.5” 3/8”
HSVF 150 4 14.7 5 0.5” 3/8”
HSVF 200 5.5 20.8 5 0.5” 3/8”
Technological Parametres for HSVP Nozzles
Nozzle ModuleFlow Vol. (L/min) under different pressure(Mpa)