Himalaya Music Fountain


Water Show With Laser And Water Screen Projection, Nanchang China, 2021

Fountain Location : NanChang China
Fountain Size : 45*9M

Fountain Features and Description

The Nanchang Cultural Center Music Fountain, designed and produced in 2021 by the Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Company, is located in Nanchang County. This music fountain has become a landmark of the area with its exquisite design.

The fountain features a pool that is 45 meters long and 9 meters wide, with a variety of creatively and dynamically designed water patterns. This fountain project is equipped with 267 nozzles, 266 RGB LED lamps, 18 submersible pumps, 1 water screen projector and 1 laser machine. All the fountain equipment are with high quality and the water show comes out to be spectacular in the end. The music fountain project include patterns such as “Pillar of the Community,” “Lotus Rising,” “Flower Basket in Bloom,” “Galloping Horses,” “Soaring Roc,” “Pine Tree in the Wind,” and “Laser Water Screen Cinema.” These patterns interweave within the fountain, creating a visual spectacle akin to a dance of music.

With a total power of 138.2 KW and capable of shooting water up to 50 meters high, the impressive jets, dancing water forms, and fountain lights are synchronized with music to create an enchanting show of music and lights. This has brought a proud landmark to Nanchang County. Both during the day and at night, the Nanchang Cultural Square Music Fountain remains a popular spot for residents and tourists to enjoy and immerse themselves in the wonderful interplay of music and water. It not only showcases local creativity and cultural charm but also provides a unique recreational space that blends art with the beauty of nature, becoming an indispensable part of Nanchang County.

Fountain Effect

Water Show with laser,water screen projection
water screen projection
water screen projection
water show with laser
water show with laser