Himalaya Music Fountain


Dubai Global Village Musical Dancing Fountain Project, Dubai

Fountain Location : Dubai, UAE
Fountain Size : 60M x15M

Fountain Features and Description

This Musical Fountain designed and constructed by Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Equipment Co., Ltd., located at the Dubai Global Village, it is a renowned cultural and entertainment destination in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The dimensions of this musical fountain are 60 meters by 15 meters, it is designed with a total of 9 water patterns, consisting of 318 nozzles, 42 water pumps, and 278 fountain lights, with a fountain activation power of 150KW,It’s Dubai’s second-largest fountain show with laser, water screen projection. Including 2D and 3D digital swing nozzles, high-end integration were used to get desired effect. Synchronized with music to create a visually stunning display. The water jets and lights are choreographed in harmony with the music, creating a captivating spectacle for viewers.

The lake musical fountain is an artistic installation that combines music and water effects. By precisely controlling the water flow and the operation of the nozzles, synchronized with the rhythm and melody of music, it creates stunning visual effects and musical performances.

Fountain Installation


Fountain Effect

Musical Dancing Fountain
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