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Semi-Spherical Dandelion Nozzle

Semi-Spherical Dandelion Fountain Nozzle

Discover the mystical feature of dandelion nozzle


The Semi-spherical dandelion fountain nozzle is made of high-grade stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust. Semi-spherical Dandelion Nozzle has both cool fog and film effective, is a semi-spherical globe with radial branch pipes attached. The fog effect can be adjusted by the lid on each branch pipe. it is also known as the crystal bead nozzle, refracts the water flow through a number of diverting tubes mounted on a spherical water supply to form a large spray sphere. When spraying water, it resembles a crystal ball and dandelion under the light, and the lighting effect is even more. It is one of the commonly used sprinkler heads for garden landscaping, It is especially eye-catching when paired with lights to form a colorful effect. These fountain products’ Nozzles are supposed to be used only in waters without many impurities.



Model No.Pressure(kpa)Water spray(m³/h)Jet height(m)Diameter(m)Material