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Air Explosion Water Fountain nozzle

Air Explosion Nozzle for Water Features

Air Explosion Nozzle for Water Features


An air shooter fountain, also known as an air burst fountain, is a type of fountain that incorporates the use of compressed air to create dramatic water effects. It is designed to propel water into the air with force, producing a dynamic and visually striking display.

The air shooter fountain consists of a nozzle or series of nozzles connected to a water pump and an air compressor. When activated, the water pump pushes water through the nozzle while the air compressor injects compressed air into the water stream.

The combination of water and compressed air creates a powerful burst or jet of water that shoots into the air, reaching significant heights. The water can be propelled in various patterns and directions, such as straight up, in a fan shape, or in a spiraling motion, depending on the design of the nozzle and the settings of the system.

Air shooter fountain

Air shooter fountains are often used as focal points in outdoor spaces, public parks, or large-scale water displays. They create an attention-grabbing visual effect, especially when the sunlight catches the droplets of water in mid-air, resulting in sparkling reflections.

In addition to the striking water display, air shooter fountains can be enhanced with lighting effects, such as color-changing LEDs, to create a more vibrant and captivating show, especially during nighttime displays.

It’s worth noting that air shooter fountains require careful design and installation to ensure the safety and efficiency of the system. Proper maintenance is also essential to keep the nozzles clean, clear of debris, and in good working condition.

In summary, an air shooter fountain is a type of fountain that uses compressed air to propel water into the air, creating a powerful and visually impressive water display. It adds excitement, energy, and a sense of grandeur to outdoor spaces, attracting attention and providing an engaging visual experience for viewers.


material stainless steel 304
voltage 220V
power 25W
maximum pressure 1.0Mpa
height about 25m
inlet Ф40
outlet Ф32
total weight 35kg