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Trumpet Nozzle

Trumpet Nozzle for Beautiful Fountain Designs

Witness the beauty of water dance with out trumpet nozzle


Trumpet fountain nozzles are made of high-grade stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance. Which is a specialized type of fountain nozzle that is designed to create a unique and visually striking water display resembling the shape of a trumpet.  This type of nozzle is often used in fountain design to add elegance and grandeur to the water feature, Due to the function of the baffle above the nozzle and based on the principle of refraction, the water shape can be a complete Trumpet-shaped when the water is discharged under certain water pressure and no wind situation. It is also called Morning Glory Nozzle, have even water film, elegant patterns, and little noise. The nozzle can be independent or combined into a scene, With modern stainless steel look and relaxing sound of splashing water, it is particularly effective in silence wind-free locations like the water garden, indoor reception hall, or outdoor pool that are protected from the wind. Use the valve to adjust the water, while adjusting the top cap, so that the spray pattern to achieve the best effect, Trumpet fountains are water level independent and can be located in dry areas.

Trumpet Nozzle2

Trumpet fountain nozzles are popular for their ability to create an elegant and captivating water display reminiscent of the shape of a trumpet.  They add a touch of sophistication and beauty to fountain designs, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the water feature.


Model No. Pressure(kpa) Water spray(m³/h) Jet height(m) Diameter(m) Material
DN15 5.0-8.0 1 0.2 0.3 SUS304
DN20 5.0-8.0 2 0.25 0.5 SUS304
DN25 5.5-8.0 3 0.25 0.6 SUS304
DN40 6.0-10.0 4 0.4 1 SUS304
DN50 10.0-15.0 7 0.5 1.5 SUS304