Himalaya Music Fountain


Artificial Fog Cool Fog Mist Fog


Himalaya music fountain company and fountain manufacturer Mist nozzle fountain product produce tiny drops of water, which forms the effect of artificial fog cool fog, decorating the space like a fairyland.

Breif Introduction of How To Produce Cool Fog

Cool fog is atomized using compressed air and pressurized water.Pressurized water is injected into the discharge nozzle of the compressed air stream,When compressed air is discharged from the nozzle,Potential energy from the compressed air
is converted into kinetic energy, which is transferred to the incoming water.Fast-moving gas-water mixtures are subjected to pressure fluctuations and turbulence,Breaking the water flow into atomized droplets.
Finally, water mist, cold mist, fine mist, and micro mist are produced, just like clouds in high mountains.

Artificial Fog Cool1
Artificial Fog Cool2