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Laminar Jet Fountain and Jumping Jet Fountain

Fountains are becoming very common in our daily life, they have been one part of our living environment. Water fountains are beautiful scenery which decorate and beautify the environment of the city, there are thousands of different types of fountains, what is laminar jet fountain like? Let’s get to know about the laminar fountain together.

Laminar Jet Fountain:

Laminar jet fountain is also known as lighted jet fountain, When the laminar fountain is jetting, the water column is in the shape of an arch, the whole is smooth and clean. The water column does not splash and does not disperse. Jetting along the set trajectory, the arc-shaped glass light water column goes through the pool and hangs a series of elegant rainbows in the air. Large-size laminar fountain can jet about 8 to 10 meters far, the jetting distance of medium-size and small-size laminar fountains can be customized as per client’s requests, usually applied as one part of fountain waterscape and swimming pool waterscape.

Excellent laminar fountain can jet water like a crystal water column which is smooth and won’t cut down from the outlet to the end, through the precise control of the electronic shutter, it can be cut into segments of jumping water as if there is life, there is a certain interval in the middle, can be continuous, discontinuous, chain formed radian, water column single and high, small and bright, clean and flawless, clean like jade, beautiful like rainbow, beautiful and magnificent. The laminar fountain or jumping fountain are with inset low-voltage LED lights, which make the water column stunning, the lighting jet along with the water column. This kind of laminar jet fountain is called as jumping jet fountain, the jumping jet fountain can leap continuously and flawlessly like an elf under the control of the customized control software. Jumping jet dancing fountain installation quantity may increase or decrease according to actual needs of the environment, and can be single forming, water jump from a pool to another pool, can also be more random control group, more can turn into a beautiful and harmonious air water animation, can make the relation between landscape and landscape closely with production, mutual echo, can increase the artistic effect of surrounding environment, intoxicating. 

Laminar Jet Fountain and Jumping Jet Fountain1
Laminar Jet Fountain and Jumping Jet Fountain2