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Advice From The Fountain Manufacturer-Tips For Fountain Pump Use And Maintenance

In this day and age, fountain is like a delicate music concert, more and more common applied in landscape designs, water fountain is surely the main part of the waterscape, now we are going to talk about the motive power of the water fountain-fountain pump, and some tips as following to be given for fountain pumps use and maintenance:

I. Check the pump before installation:

1. The size, position and height of foundation should strictly meet the design requirement.

2. The fountain pump should not be missing parts, damaged or rust, the pipe-end protector and plug cover should be in good condition.

3. Turning should be flexible, no block, stuck phenomenon, no abnormal sound.

II. The assembled and debugged fountain pump should not be dismantled at will, when disassembly is necessary, it shall be carried out after study with relevant departments, and disassembly and reassembly shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of equipment technical documents.

III. The leveling of the pump shall meet the following requirements:

1. The out-of level standard on horizontal and vertical pumps should not exceed 0.1/1000, measurement should be based on the processing.

2. Small pumps should be no obvious deflection when being installed.

Advice From The Fountain Manufacturer Tips For Fountain Pump Use And Maintenance1
Advice From The Fountain Manufacturer Tips For Fountain Pump Use And Maintenance2