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Different Types Of Fountains

Music Fountain

Music Fountains joined the music control system based on program-control fountains, the computer is responsible for decoding and coding through recognizing the audio and MIDI signal, output the signal to control system to make the water patterns and LED lighting changes synchronize with music, finally achieving the perfect combination of fountain patterns, lighting changing and music to make the fountain show more live and abundant.

Music fountains vary a lot according to the music changes, users can edit and add their loved songs and music by themselves. Play system can achieve music, water, lighting atmosphere unified, play synchronization.

Dry Fountain

Dry fountain is usually installed underground, covered by smooth and beautiful stone materials which can be arranged in various shapes and patterns. When the music starts, water spray out of the underfloor, the floor is just like a colorful mirror in the lighting. The flying water against the sky is very delicate and charming, so that people linger back and forth. After the stop of spraying, it does not hinder the traffic, but pedestrians as usual. It is very suitable for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, buildings, street scene community, etc.

Program Control Fountain

Program Control Fountain operates according to the programs which have been pre-set in system, different programs run at random, with advantages of quick response and high sensitivity. The high performance industrial control computer is applied as the user end, operate interface and control program are set in the industrial control computer, to realize the related water movements through controlling the VFDs. Himalaya Fountain Control System is with advantages of high adaptability and high reliability, which stands out of other control systems in domestic market, and it can withstand shock, impact, dust and large temperature changes. The modular structure simplifies the maintenance of the system and facilitates the system upgrade.

Running And Chasing Fountain

A mount of fountain nozzles are arranged in one line to be controlled to spray in time and order, forming a fountain with instantaneous change of water spraying in various forms. Can form a running form, can also form a variety of jumping, wave and other forms, and can form a fixed shape of water spray form, momentum is strong, majestic, versatile.

Laminar Jet Fountain

The laminar fountain jet across the pool in arch shape, smooth and high, like a mount of rainbows hanging above the pool under the colorful lighting. More strengthen the effect of ups and downs, a light, take off the momentum of the looming, thereby increasing the hydrophilicity, in the flow of the water to create different levels of waterscape, the formation of quite characteristic landscape.

Super High Jet Fountain

Generally refers to the height of the fountain in more than 100 meters, also often called the fountain of 100 meters, the water column from the lake sprang up, quickly rose to 100 meters high, from a distance, like a dragon from the lake.

At the same time, the 100-meter fountain is also equipped with lights and lasers, which is magnificent and magnificent.

Digital Swing Fountain

Series of swing nozzle: by stents are installed on the exhaust nozzle, sprinkler spacing in each row, swing nozzle Angle by freedom of pull rod, a drag underwater motor and power box under the water, so that each row free swing nozzle height, its unique structure first swing flexible process, is indispensable in the music fountain nozzle, swing series of complete sets of equipment, the user use is very convenient.

Swing series: round shake, roll, vertical shake, oblique shake, seagull shake, eight-character shake and so on.

Nozzle material: cast copper or stainless steel.

Sculpture Fountain

Sculpture fountain: sculpture and fountain combination, make the fountain shape more perfect, rich and colorful, static and dynamic coordination, reflecting the vitality and vitality of the fountain, greatly improve people’s enjoyment and interest.

The role of sculpture in city beautification should be self-evident, their existence makes the natural and man-made space to produce a certain unique special atmosphere.

This is the unique artistry and appeal of sculpture in the space, giving people a spiritual enjoyment of the art world, people can rest in such a natural and artistic space, adjust the frequency of life, is really one of the joys of life.

Interesting Interactive Fountains

Interactive fountain is also called amusement fountain or water fountains, etc., such as: tread water springs, ring springs, chasing, dancing fountains, water fountain springs fly, fold, called spring, shooting springs, mine springs springs, water guns and bullets, rainbow loose, water spray, water polo, etc., wind has taken many forms, entertainment is extremely strong, generally built in the amusement park or park.

Artificial Cool Fog

Light dry fog, do not have charm, gently stretch charming.

Sometimes haohao came, sometimes winding to go, sometimes towering like clouds, sometimes low back lingering, making the air pure and moist.

And unpredictable, so that people are refreshing and pleasant, such as on the brink of wonderland, like a dream, unreal, unreal feeling, thus adding a bit of hazy beauty and mystery.

Dry fog seems to be able to let a person in the hustle and bustle of the city, temporarily to be able to wash a common, slow that uneasy mind, also fully reflected the human and nature inseparable close relationship.

The application of fogson equipment has shaped the unique shape and flavor of fogson.

With a slightly thick fog to hide the natural accumulation of stone shape, in addition to the area because of more than more trees and hard artificial taste, soft natural scenery.

Light fog foil the rock in the gurgling flowing stream, shade shade, small bridge water, hazy induction of natural artistic conception.

Stage Fountains

Stage fountain: The stage fountain control system is mostly program-controlled or real-time voice control. Accompanied by beautiful melody, the water features, dance and song change synchronously, foil each other, so that the scene of water, sound, light and color to achieve a perfect combination, extremely expressive.

Mini Fountains

Desktop micro fountain: the water shape height can be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

The negative ion produced when it works has the effect of purifying air and beautifying the environment, and its appearance is beautiful, small, bright and easy to use.

It is an ideal product for home decoration and office.

Other waterscape applications: all kinds of residential complex waterscape projects: streams, waterfalls, artificial lakes.

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