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How Much Does It Cost To Make A Music Fountain

When we plan to make a music fountain, I think the first question comes to our mind might be ‘How Much Does It Cost To Make A Music Fountain?’ It is also a question that majority of clients concerned most. Before answering this question, Himalaya Music Fountain would like to introduce about the complete structure of a music fountain first:

A complete set of music fountain mainly includes these devices: fountain nozzles, LED underwater lights, fountain pumps, valves, floating platform (for lake water fountain use), pipes, cables, control system, sound system etc. If you want make a fountain with laser and water screen projection, then the laser machine, water screen projector and other accessories need to be added.

Nozzle is an important part of musical fountain, it has many different types, there are some commonly used nozzles like straight jet nozzle, cascade nozzle, snow-pine nozzle, bubble fountain nozzle, mushroom nozzle, central-group nozzle, fireworks nozzle, laminar flow nozzle, jumping jet nozzle, rotate flower nozzle, magic fountain nozzle, 2D digital fountain nozzle, 3D digital fountain nozzle, high pressure air-shooting nozzle, fire fountain nozzle and water screen generator etc.

The prices of main fountain devices are affected by the materials, specifications and types.

Regarding material, the fountain pipes have two different materials, one is industrial stainless steel pipe(with a using life of about 15 to 20 years), the other is galvanized pipe(with a using life of about 8 to 10 years), the price of stainless steel pipe is three times higher than the galvanized pipe. The water pumps are with two different materials either, one is stainless steel pump and the other is cast-iron pump, the stainless steel pump price is also three times higher than the cast-iron pump.

Regarding specification, the music fountain with larger caliber, higher water spray and more water patterns is more expensive.

Regarding types, simple fountains which only use some ordinary nozzles like straight jet nozzles, snow-pine nozzles and cascade nozzles etc, the cost is not very high. If need to apply some more complicated and expensive fountain equipment such as fire spray device, water screen projection, 3D digital fountain nozzles and high pressure explosion fountain nozzles etc, the cost is much higher.

Considering of the unsure elements of musical fountain, it is difficult to quote accurately if clients are not certain to use what fountain equipment, how many equipment to be used and what materials to be chose.

If you had a musical fountain project waiting for quotation, there are two methods for choice:

1. Buyer provides the fountain equipment quantity list, we quote as per the Bill Of Quantity.

2. Buyer presents the specific requests about the fountain, we make a design and quotation accordingly. Before making design, buyer needs to give us an approximate budget.

From the idea of doing a music fountain to the perfect presentation of the final fountain show, this is completed by a professional music fountain company. The music fountain company is integrated with the music fountain design, fountain equipment supply and fountain engineering installation and construction of this complete set of service system. In order to ensure the overall performance effect of the fountain, this whole service system should not be divided into several pieces to be done by different companies.

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