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What’s Efficacy Of The Spray System Designed By Himalayan Fountain Company?

The spraysystem for people to make negative ions, but also as the improvement of the surrounding environment equipment, its landscape design, moisturizing, dust-proof and summer cooling of a variety of functions, give it special charm. The fog fountain designed and produced by Changsha Himalayan Music Fountain EquipmentCompany. It has the functions as following:

【Heat protection and cooling function】

The water particles emitted into the air by thespray system absorb a lot of heat from the surrounding environment in the process of gasification, so as to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment, which is an effective means to prevent summer heat and cool down.

【Dust proof function】

Charged water particles can absorb dust floating in the air and settle on the ground, preventing dust from kicking up, so as to purify the air.

【Landscape, moisturizing function】

The special landscape effect and moisturizing effect ofspray nozzle have been widely used in garden environment design. It can increase the momentum of the waterfall landscape, create a leisure and mysterious atmosphere for the corridor and rest pavilion, and add a leisurely and comfortable romantic feeling for the garden path

What’s Efficacy Of The Spray System Designed
What’s Efficacy Of The Spray System Designed By Himalayan Fountain Company1