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What Is The Difference In 1D 2D And 3D Fountain Nozzle

We all are aware of what the one-dimension (1D) object, two-dimension (2D) and three-dimension (3D) objects are. But do you know how 1D, 2D, and 3D fountains are created? Well, the magic is hidden in the kind of nozzle used in the creation of a particular fountain. Fountain Nozzle is one of the very important parts of a fountain system because the type of water jet generated in the air is at the exit of a particular nozzle. Therefore how beautiful a fountain will appear and much depends on the type of nozzle used in it.

Traditionally 1D fountain techniques were used, giving a linear effect to the fountains with the help of a one-step motor. The 1D fountain nozzle is a simple tube-like outlet that allows water to exit into the air. There is a very limited scope of art-work in the 1D fountain. One straight jet is created with this nozzle which can move circularly. The fountain will be of a particular angle as per the tilt of the 1D nozzle.
Be it a musical, dancing, lighting, or interactive fountain, if 2D fountain nozzle is used, chances of creativity in Fountains are increased many folds due to possibilities of its vertical and horizontal movements. Beautiful fountain artworks can be created giving effects to a fountain in length and breadth with the help of 2D nozzles.

The fountain creations are at its best in 3d fountains, created with the help of 3D nozzles. These types of nozzles are two-step motor nozzles, flexible to move in all directions, thus creating fountain designs appear your imagination. In 3D nozzles, internal changes are made by the expert to give effects as per the requirements. The other mechanism like hydraulic systems is also used to pressure the water as per the design of a particular fountain. The shape of the tip of a particular nozzle also plays a very important role in the appearance of a fountain. A laminar fountain is created with the help of a flat tip of a nozzle, which generates a sheet/layer like design, different from an ordinary water jet. Multiple layers of laminar fountain are used to give Flower shape to the fountain.

Nowadays with the advancement of technology, computer programs are designed to create beautiful fountains, wherein 2D and 3D fountain nozzles play an important role. World-famous fountains are created using 3D nozzles and great designs. Himalaya Music Fountain offers a wide range of stainless steel nozzles for creating mind-blowing fountain designs, with lighting, music, and interaction options.