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What Is Interactive Fountain How It Works And What Kind Of Interactive Fountain Can Be Made

In day to day life, people interact with many other people for business or social reasons and get their things done. After the invention of machines and computers, people have started interacting with computers and machines also. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzz word across the world, where people interact with the computer systems receiving and giving commands from and to the AI systems, for accomplishing their jobs.

Similarly designing and commissioning interactive fountains, is a novel idea getting implemented in different forms. People can interact with the fountains with the help of technology. Interactive fountains are made to deal with them by their users. Such fountains behave in the manner their user’s command, with the help of computer programming. To give a few examples, at Himalaya Music Fountains, we have some Interactive Fountains created for the enjoyment of its users like Bike interactive fountains, Yell interactive fountains, and music interactive fountains.

Bike Interactive Fountains are made with a purpose to burn your calories simultaneously having fun with your dear ones. The mechanism, on which such fountains are working, is hidden in its programming. The user rides a bike and pedals it as per his physical capacity and with the help of a computer program attached to this bike, this physical power is converted into electric pulses, which trigger the fountain, connected to this program, to rise in the air. People of different age groups can ride these bikes together burning out their calories and enjoy the rise and fall of fountains together.

This activity not only refreshes the users physically but also gives them mental relaxation. The Yell Fountains have been developed on the concept of Voice Control. The users of these fountains yell out in the mikes and with the help of electric pulses generated through the frequency of the voice of users, the fountain system attached to them rises. People of different ages, from children to the elder ones, enjoy these fountains very much, especially in groups by shouting out their stress and see the rise and fall of the fountains. By yelling out in competition with other group members, they forget about their anxiety, stress, and similar kind of mental disturbances, if any.

The concept of Interactive Fountain is a creative one hence based on one’s imagination and technological support; amazing kinds of such interactive fountains can be programmed and installed. For example, treadmills in the gym can be connected to the fountains and joggers can enjoy the physical exertion with the beauty of fountains. Sensor-based fountains for the children may be designed to allow children to touch the particular surface and play with the mild jets of the fountains. Similarly through punching, kicking, or pulling and pushing, pulses can be generated to trigger beautiful fountains.

Based on the customer’s imagination and requirement various other forms of interactive fountains can also be developed. Himalaya Music Fountain is leading in designing, developing, and installation of such Interactive Fountains as per its client’s requirements.

What Is Interactive Fountain How It Works And What Kind Of Interactive Fountain Can Be Made1